The Waterford Civic Association

The Waterford Civic Association (WCA) is comprised of neighborhood volunteers.  See board objectives, current members, and board member duties listed below.

WCA Board Objectives

  • Bring the community together and foster membership in association
  • Welcome new neighbors
  • Protect our homes and values
  • Identify issues and problems that affect us and work towards resolution
  • Maintain common areas
  • Keep the community informed: Safety, Schools, Financials, Zoning, Architecture


Current WCA Board Members

President: Eric Bingman

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Matthew Shaia


Eric Bingman (Communications)

Susan Kane (Front Entrance Committee)

Vacant (Social Events)

Sarah Crawford & Katie Schwartz (Welcoming New Neighbors)


WCA Officer Roles/Duties

Lead the organization | Provide resolution to issues/problems | Keep organization focused | Promote and expand association membership

Vice President
Co-lead the organization | Lead when president not available | Assist with resolution to issues/problems | Help with special projects

Maintain corporate minutes and other official records | Protect the corporate entity via documentation | Provide leadership when other officers not available | Help with special projects

Maintain the corporate financial records | Preserve and protect corporate financial assets | File tax and other legal requirements | Help with special projects

Actively chair committee/committees
Direct and delegate committee duties
Help with special projects
Promote membership in association