Fall is a beautiful season in Waterford.  But with great fall scenery comes great responsibility for leaf removal. Thankfully, we have multiple options to help manage the formidable foliage.  According to Henrico County’s website, residents can take advantage of the following leaf removal options:

  1. Free –Curbside collection of bagged leaves will be provided by the county. Collection is provided automatically, so there’s no need to contact the county for pick-up.  Waterford is in area B, and bagged collection will be the weeks of Nov. 26— Dec. 2 and Jan. 14—20.  For things to know, the full schedule, and a map of zones, click here.
  2. Free –Mulching and/or composting leaves can nourish your lawn/garden. Placing leaves through a shredder or mulching mower provides all-purpose mulch that can be used around plants immediately, and a 2-3” layer of mulched leaves provides good weed control. Also, leaf compost is an excellent soil amendment, adding humus and returning valuable nutrients to the soil. For more information on mulching or composting, click here.
  3. $3.00/Free –Residents may take bagged or loose leaves to Henrico’s public-use areas at 10600 Fords Country Lane, open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. except for certain holidays. Bagged leaves will be accepted for $3 per visit outside of bagged leaf collection season (Nov. 12—Feb. 10). Non-bagged leaves and other yard debris are accepted year-round at no charge.
  4. $30.00 –A leaf vacuum service is available for a charge of $30 per order by Henrico County. Leaves eligible for vacuum collection must be accessible from the edge of the road and free from trash, sticks, and debris.  Be mindful to not block traffic lanes, parking or drainage ditches.  Additionally, place your order by calling (804) 501-4275 immediately after placing your leaves at the curb, which will help reduce obstructions in the roadway and keep the appearance of Waterford neat.

For more information, please view Henrico County’s Leaf Collection Brochure.